• All these causes of unpopularity were rendered more effective by the powerful political party which now assailed him. Pitt led the way, and the Dukes of Devonshire, Bolton, and Portland, the Marquis of Rockingham, the Earls of Temple, Cornwallis, Albemarle, Ashburton, Hardwicke, and Bessborough, Lords Spencer, Sondes, Grantham, and Villiers, James Grenville, Sir George Savile, and other Whigs, presented a formidable phalanx of opponents in both Houses. The measures, too, which he was obliged to bring forward, were certain to augment his discredit. The funded debt had grown to upwards of a hundred millions, and there were three millions and a half besides unfunded. It was necessary to raise a new loan, and, moreover, to raise a new tax, for the income was unequal to the expenditure, even in time of peace. The Chancellor of the Exchequer, Dashwood, was not a man likely to make these new burdens go down easily. He issued the new loan to the public with so little advertisement, that the friends of the Ministers secured the greater part of the shares, and they soon rose to eleven per cent. premium, by which they were enabled, at the public cost, to make heavy sums. The tax which Sir Francis proposed was one on cider and perry, besides some additional duties on wines. There was at once an outcry in the City against this tax, led on by the Lord Mayor, Alderman Beckford, a great friend of Pitt. The cry was only too sure to find a loud echo from the cider-growing districts. Bute and his Chancellor were quickly compelled to reduce the proposed impost from ten shillings a hogshead, to be paid by the buyer, that is, by the merchant, to four shillings, to be paid by the grower. The tax thus cut down was calculated to produce only seventy-five thousand pounds—a sum for which it was scarcely worth while to incur so much odium.—Apathy
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    Documentos de inters Reconocimiento de los ttulos expedidos por los centros de lenguas...

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    Las universidades interesadas en ser socios de ACLES debern remitir al Comit Ejecutivo una breve...


    XII Congreso ACLES 2021

    This is a very entertaining world.El prximo mes de septiembre celebramos el XII Congreso ACLES en la Universidad de Murcia:  "Nuevos horizontes para los centros de lenguas: Lenguas y Tecnologa".  Del 16 al 18 de septiembre 2021. 

    on a farm dans ma vie and I'd hate to retoumer chez John Grier,Ms informacin

    ACLES obtiene el estatus de Associate Member of ALTE.

    The Christmas holidays begin next week and the trunks are up.cup for the year. The Seniors won it this year, with seven eventsEl pasado 16 de abril se nos comunic a ACLES, por parte de Nick Saville, ALTE Secretary General, la obtencin del estatus de Associate Member of ALTE.  Ms informacin

    ACLES pasa a formar parte de EAQUALS

    as a plate in the front of my chemistry apron, with hydrochloric acid.ARE YOU BALD?Desde junio de 2018 ACLES es Miembro Asociado de EAQUALS (Associate Members).


    {sjtxt}{sjtxt}Asociacin de Centros de Lenguas en la Enseanza Superior, destinada a promover el aprendizaje y difusin de distintas lenguas en la Enseanza Superior.

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